The war ends and eighteen-year-old Kain Raingel just wants two things:

to be left alone and to be free from prisons and pain.

Award-winning Serenity—The Blood Moon Prince details the life of Kain, a war-torn surviving prisoner of war who not only lives with the memories of the previous year but is also haunted by a hidden magical past. When the threat of imprisonment arises, Kain flees from his own people and, with the help of an old comrade and friend, finds himself on the back-water island of Serenity.

Against instinct, Kain eventually accepts the friendship of a girl who possesses strange magic and focuses her power on healing his mind. A once-broken Kain slowly finds himself falling in love and learning to live again, but just as he starts to settle into his newfound love and life, Kain’s new companions are taken hostage. He must choose between facing the man who tortured him at the risk of losing his memory or allowing everyone to die.

Will Kain flee from the very thing that caused his traumatic past or will he find the inner strength to save those he has come to love?

Coming December 1, 2022