Kya is a native of Utah who now resides in Missouri with her small family. She loves all things fantasy and science fiction. She is passionate about costuming as well as many other hobbies. Some of which are, diamond painting, Pokemon, video games, and Gundam models.

Kya has been a writer off and on for over twenty years. It was in the last four years she became serious about it and attended her first conference. She was hooked. She joined the Calliope Writing Coach course and from there, it’s history.

The journey hasn’t always been easy for her. Kya has her own struggles with mental illness as well as a son with autism. Some days are a struggle and a battle but she always finds the blue skies after the storm.

It’s this battle that made her come to these words one dark evening. “Stand tall, stand strong and LIVE!” Those words helped Kya keep fighting and has kept her going. They became her reason or her purpose. That her mission is to spread awareness on mental illness and to let those with a mental illness know that we don’t have to fight alone. We can find help, hope, and peace within our lives. That we can keep fighting through the raging sea and come out to blue skies and calm seas.

Her award-winning book Serenity-The Blood Moon Prince is not only a young adult fantasy novel but it has themes of mental illness. It shows that you don’t have to be alone and that you can find healing, self worth, and peace.

In the upcoming anthology Healing and Growth, Kya writes about her life and experience with anxiety and depression. It is set to release December 1st 2022.


SMIAH Conference 2021 Presenter

SMIAH Conference 2022 Presenter

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