Another year has come. The last two years have been challenging for many. Many have lost loved one. Another holiday season has passed and once again I’ve come out victorious. My husband and boys were to visit family but sickness struck our family and we all ended up at home together. It didn’t feel like winter break however.

Speaking of loss. I haven’t mentioned this but late in June, I lost my beloved Sabin. He was 12 years old and was such a wonderful cat. He loved to snuggle and knew just when I needed some extra love. After our move, his health started to decline and he ended up not doing well. It was hard to say good bye and I still miss him. Often finding myself crying from his absence. I will always wonder if there was more we could have done for him to extend his life or if it would have degraded his quality of life even further.


 Some may say we acted too quick after the loss of Sabin but I see it as the way it was meant to happen. The day Sabin passed we saw a Facebook post about kittens needing homes. I went straight away to look at them and ended up bringing one home. The following day, we decided she needed a playmate as Coconut (our other cat who was 1 years old) didn’t have a playmate when we got her the year previous and we saw how it effected her. Sabin was just too old to play with her.

So… we welcomed Pixie (right) and Fae (left) into our family. Their backgrounds are unknown but we learned later that they were only 6 weeks instead of 8 weeks when we got them. They had ear mites and fleas too. The poor babies. With the help of our vet and a lot of diligence, we got them all fixed up.

Pixie is my love bug. She is a dilute calico. She love to chatter at you and I think is slowly learning how to play fetch. Fae has chosen my husband as her human and she is a dilute tortie. She had some beef to her as she has really filled out. Both have helped my heart heal a bit faster from losing my baby boy. Before Coconut, it had 


been years since we had a kitten and with only one, it wasn’t that bad. With the two of them, it’s close to a circus. Love how their little personalities have blossomed. They are going to be amazing cats.

The holidays were easier for me than in years past. Usually I have a hard time during it all. I accredit it actively going to therapy, the move, and just being on a better mental level. There was no expectations, just what I wanted to create for my little family. 

I look back and see how far I have come and where I am now. It’s amazing to see the progress I have made in my mental health. With being more stable I feel this year I can tackle one of my biggest hurdles… my physical health. I have plans in motion and I’m determined to reach some milestones this year.

As for my writing. I haven’t written much since the big move last March. I have tried but I have decided that I can’t force it and it needs to come on it’s own time. I know people are waiting for book two but it isn’t time yet. I have found with this project, I can’t force or rush it. It will happen when it needs to.

To everyone who reads. Stay safe and well during these interesting times.


-Kya Wolf